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Maryland DEA officers arrest alleged major heroin dealer

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2013 | Drug Charges

Police recently arrested a 28-year-old Maryland man on drug possession charges after investigating him for slightly more than three months. They allege that several confidential informants told them that the suspect was the largest heroin dealer in the southern part of the state and told them where the man lived. The drug charges include heroin possession, possession of a large amount of heroin and possession of heroin with intent to distribute.

County drug enforcement officers began investigating the man on March 3. During the investigation, Maryland State troopers arrested another man on drug charges and obtained a court order to search his cell phone records. They discovered text messages about drug sales and other “drug-related information” between him and the 28-year-old suspect. On June 13, drug enforcement officers conducting mobile surveillance allege that the suspect drove his vehicle to several houses known to the DEU to be involved in selling heroin. He stopped at the houses and also was allegedly seen in a hand-to-hand drug sale with two men in another vehicle.

On June 14, DEA and county sheriff’s officers carried out a traffic stop on the suspect. While conducting a probable cause search, they found 100 grams of heroin in the engine compartment and a large amount of money on him. Officers allege the defendant admitted to earning large sums of money by dealing heroin after he waived his Miranda rights. He was released after posting $75,000 bond on June 17.

Drug charges, particularly those involving the intent to distribute heroin, can carry severe penalties and affect an individual’s life for many years. A criminal defense lawyer might be able to help a defendant who is facing drug possession, drug possession with intent to distribute and drug trafficking charges.

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