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Baltimore County men face property theft charges

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2013 | Theft & Property Crimes

Two Baltimore County men, ages 21 and 19, face theft charges after they allegedly took property out of vehicles in the Rodgers Ford area. A witness called law enforcement early in the morning of Jan. 26th to relay that two men were trying to open cars in the vicinity. However, by the time police arrived at the scene, the pair was not in sight.

Law enforcement personnel searched for the two men, set up a boundary in the area and called in K9 units, and both suspects were located. The first defendant had money, a credit card, a debit card and GPS devices on his person, which were stolen from the vehicles. The second defendant, who was hiding at the home next door to where the first suspect was located, was also found in possession of stolen portable electronic equipment.

The pair is connected to at least a dozen vehicle thefts in the area. The first defendant was held on $3,000 bail while the second suspect paid a $1,500 bail and was released pending his next court hearing. Law enforcement personnel are continuing their investigation and trying to find the rightful owners of the stolen merchandise.

Both suspects may be able to benefit from the help of a criminal defense attorney in the face of numerous theft charges. An experienced lawyer may be able to review and possibly challenge the testimony of the eyewitness who identified the two defendants. A questionable identification could result in the evidence in the case is not being admitted at trial, which could lead to the judge possibly dismissing the case.

These two young men have much to lose, especially if this is their first arrest. A criminal defense attorney can help argue for rehabilitation and parole in lieu of a lengthy prison sentence. An attorney may alternatively be able to mitigate the harsh penalties of such charges or negotiate with the prosecution for reduced fines or concurrent rather than consecutive sentences.

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