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Calvert County man faces scrap metal theft charges

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2013 | Theft & Property Crimes

A man faces scrap metal theft charges to the tune of about $45,000. Authorities have accused him of the theft of numerous machines and sheet metal from a former employer. The defendant was employed by the business for about six months. The business owner said the thief knew how to avoid detection from security cameras.

The suspect sold the items to a scrap yard for just under $700 in December 2012. He gave the business his driver’s license information. The metal was destroyed almost as soon as it arrived at the business. A slow economy and the increasing price of metal have resulted in the rise in scrap metal thefts from businesses. Salvage yards realize the implications of the thefts and help authorities who investigate.

In another case, a pair was charged with scrap metal theft valued at more than $100 at a Hollywood shop. Witnesses observed the duo putting the metal in a truck. The business owner reported the theft.

In a third, unrelated case, a mother and son are accused of collaborating in a theft from a hardware store. Court documents allege that the mother worked as a cashier, and her son stole items from the store. The items included Christmas decorations and a coffee machine, but money was also taken, with a total value of more than $400.

A person accused of theft crimes needs a criminal defense attorney who can look out for the client’s best interest. The lawyer may negotiate with the prosecution for a possible reduction in charges.

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