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Hartford County man injures woman, robs man

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2012 | Theft & Property Crimes

A Hartford County man is in custody with no bail for allegedly hurting a woman during a carjacking and then robbing a man within the same four-day period. He faces several felonies including assault, robbery, theft of a motor vehicle and theft charges of between $10,000 and $100,000.

Court records indicated that he allegedly approached a woman, attempted to talk to her, snatched her car keys, pushed her and ran to her vehicle. She screamed and then chased and tackled him; however, he still managed to get in her vehicle and start it. She attempted to grab the keys out of the ignition, but when he shifted the car into reverse, she fell. As the suspect fled the scene, he hit another vehicle.

The victim sustained several injuries, including abrasions to her hands and knees and a cut on her leg from hitting the car door. Medical personnel treated her injuries at a nearby facility. She did not know the accused but later made an identification through photographs. Some time later, law enforcement personnel spoke with the accused’s mother, who reported that her son was suicidal and added that he had left their residence.

Within a few days, police responded to a robbery call when the accused allegedly asked someone for money and snatched his wallet. The victim recovered his wallet, and he also identified the accused.

A criminal defense attorney can assess the accused’s legal position in regards to the accusations and evidence supplied by prosecutors. Part of the process would also allow for the attorney to request that the criminal defendant be assessed for his mental health condition and he receive appropriate treatment to address his mental state rather than incarceration, if ultimately necessary.

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