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5 charged at Elliot City DUI stop

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2012 | Drunk Driving

Five motorists were arrested for drinking and driving during a time span of just a few hours at a Howard County DUI stop. The DUI charges were filed at the checkpoint when authorities observed more than 600 drivers who passed through the stop. Three agencies were present, including the Maryland State Police, the Howard County Police Department and the Howard County Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.).

One of those arrested was also found to be driving on a suspended license. The stops combat those who are driving while they drink or use drugs by placing numerous authorities in a small geographic area. A grant provided some of the funding for the checkpoint, which is part of a national campaign to reduce drinking and driving.

The courts take drinking and driving seriously. All 50 states have now set the legal limit for a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) level to 0.08 percent. However, many factors can affect a person’s BAC at the time of arrest. A criminal defense attorney understands the controversy that surrounds breathalyzer tests.

A conviction for DUI can mean harsh penalties for offenders, including fines, alcohol-education classes, a suspended driver’s license, increased insurance rates and possible time in custody. Depending on the circumstances involved, a criminal defense lawyer may work with the district attorney’s office for a possible reduction in charges or a complete dismissal of the case. The courts understand that alcohol-education classes and treatment for offenders costs the taxpayers less money than incarceration. In addition to reduced costs, the offender is held accountable for their actions while receiving the help they need so that they do not reoffend.

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