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Washington County man sentenced on charges stemming from chase

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2012 | Drug Charges

A police pursuit earlier this year has led to convictions for a man from Washington County, Maryland. The man pled guilty to one count each of possession of drug paraphernalia and fleeing law enforcement stemming from a chase in which he damaged two police cars.

He was sentenced to three years in custody for both the drug charge and other offense. He will pay restitution of almost $3,500 and remain on probation for 30 months following his release. Nine additional counts were dismissed.

Police attempted to pull the man over, and although he initially complied, he sped away when the officer approached him. Several agencies joined in the chase, which included pursuits down different one-way streets. The man also collided with two law enforcement vehicles, which resulted in the restitution order. He eventually ran on foot before he was finally found and subdued with a stun gun.

At the time of his arrest, he was found to be in possession of a syringe and crack pipe. He also had two outstanding warrants for minor probation violations. The courts will address the probation violations separately from the new charges later this year. At least one of the violations is also for a drug offense.

The courts impose serious consequences for someone who commits a new crime while on probation. Each case is viewed separately, so a defendant might receive two consecutive prison sentences, one for the probation violation and one for the new crime. An attorney can provide legal representation and counsel for both offenses.

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