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Robbery suspect wanted in Maryland arrested in Florida

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2012 | Parole & Probation

A suspect in a South Carolina robbery was captured in Florida and is expected to be extradited. Authorities report that the multiple offender is charged with stealing valuables worth about $100,000. Law enforcement personnel report that he committed parole violations and additional robberies in two other states, including Maryland.

According to court reports, the defendant was using an alias at the time of his arrest. Local law enforcement personnel were working with outside agencies to retrieve the stolen merchandise that may have been sold in Florida.

When people on parole commit a new crime, they face possible additional penalties and an additional prison sentence. They can be sentenced to custody to finish out their time for the original charge that caused them to receive parole in addition to a second, completely separate prison sentence for any new charges they committed while under community supervision. They may even have different charges in more than one state if they committed crimes in several jurisdictions.

In complicated cases involving parole violations and new charges, defendants often rely on the services of a criminal defense attorney. A lawyer will work with prosecutors to combine and reduce the charges whenever possible. In some cases, a judge will order that sentences run concurrently instead of consecutively. For example, serving time consecutively means that the defendant will not begin serving time for the second sentence until the first one is complete, while a concurrent sentence means that the defendant serves time for more than one sentence at the same time.

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