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Charges filed against Maryland man for drug distribution

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2012 | Drug Charges

A wild police chase led to the arrest of two men, one of whom lives in Maryland, on drug charges. During a task force investigation into cocaine sales, law enforcement personnel initially attempted to take the pair into custody on serious criminal charges. As the officers walked up to a car belonging to one of the subjects, the driver allegedly took off with a passenger in the vehicle. As he fled the scene, he allegedly struck a law enforcement vehicle and nearly missed a police officer. Officers shot at the vehicle in retaliation, but no one was hit. The passenger eventually jumped out of the car and slightly injured himself.

Law enforcement personnel eventually deflated the vehicle tires and arrested the men. In addition to drug charges, the driver faces additional charges of assault on a police officer and fleeing from the police. He also previously violated his probation in Maryland. Both suspects were taken into custody.

When a person is placed on probation, he still faces the possibility of serving time for the original sentence if he violates his probation. If the person commits a new crime while on probation, the consequences can escalate rapidly. In this case, these charges originate from West Virginia while the defendant was on probation in Maryland. He could face additional penalties for the crime he allegedly committed in West Virginia. An experienced criminal attorney can advocate for defendants if new charges occur along with probation violation.

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