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Two Maryland men charged with domestic violence

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2012 | Domestic Violence

In an interesting twist, Maryland State Police reported that two men with the same last name were charged with domestic violence. Both men were in their earlier twenties and both were charged with second-degree assault. The police also reported that it was unclear if the two men were related.

Most incidents of domestic violence concern a man abusing a woman, but the above incident demonstrates that this will not always be the case. With debates over civil unions and same-sex marriage, this type of incident will likely crop up more and more.

Yet such an incident also is indicative of how complicated domestic violence situations can be. Here both individuals were charged and it probably will be some time before it’s actually established who initiated the alleged assault. Such matters will require investigation as each incident will be different from any other.

There is also a stigma that comes along with a conviction for domestic violence. A conviction may cause difficulties as far as one’s personal and professional life well into the future. A conviction may make it next to impossible to locate a new job as such a conviction may become a part of one’s permanent record. It may also place conditions on the meeting with one’s children and will adversely affect one’s relationship with every single family member.

Because consequences of such accusations can be so severe, it’s important for anyone charged with domestic violence to consult with an attorney to assure that each accused person receives individual representation.

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