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Recent Maryland drug arrests

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2012 | Drug Charges

In the recent police reports listed in Maryland County, there were two arrests concerning drug possession or drug charges. The two individuals arrested were 18 and 19-years old. Neither arrest involved violent conduct of any kind.

What’s also significant is that both teenagers were arrested for possession of marijuana. In the case of the 18-year old, according to police records the odor of marijuana emitted from the vehicle he was driving. The car was searched revealing marijuana and drug paraphernalia and the teenager was subsequently incarcerated. In the case of the 19-year old, marijuana was found in plain site after the serving of an arrest warrant, and the evidence led to his arrest for the possible sale and distribution of marijuana.

Many such arrests involve individuals in their teenage years or early twenties that may or may not have harmed anyone else other than their self. Many have never been arrested before with the possible exception of petty misdemeanors. Nevertheless these same individuals are often facing criminal sentences for drug possession.

Most teenagers arrested for drug charges do not deserve incarceration. What they do need is help and good advice so that they will not have to face additional arrests in the future. Lawyers that have worked with such drug offenders in the past can provide that advice and also provide resources for individuals that may be struggling with a drug dependency issue.

Each drug arrest is unique and drug offenders should not be tried in court in all cases according to strict guidelines. Even the best behaved teenagers will make mistakes.

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