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Alleged and real domestic violence occurs in all economic strata

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2012 | Domestic Violence

It has been reported that rates of reported domestic violence have increased 30 percent since the economic downturn. Since 2007, allegation of domestic violence has been showing up in Maryland neighborhoods where it was never thought to be present.

The stereotype is that such domestic abuse only crops up in poorer neighborhood and involves only lower-class individuals. Yet reports of domestic violence are now so widespread that it can no longer be maintained that it belongs to any economic strata or is confined to any particular group of people.

What this says about such a widespread problem is that we really do not know very much about domestic violence at all. Domestic violence has always existed, so we need to ask the question as to why it occurs more during certain particular periods of time than in others. We simply do not know.

Unfortunately, there have been a disproportionate number of arrests for domestic violence among individuals that are poorer. This does not mean that such arrests are targeted all of the alleged or real abusers.

It may simply be in part that poorer individuals accused of domestic violence in the past did not have access to attorneys that could assist them and make certain that they received the representation that they truly needed. However in today’s world, attorneys experienced in helping out such individuals really can provide those accused of domestic violence affordable assistance and can also help such individuals find the needed resources to help improve their life status.

By saying this, we are by no means excusing actual domestic violence. However, every individual whether rich or poor has the right to dispute such allegations and present their side of the case.

Source: Wilmette-Kenilworth Patch, “Domestic Abuse Cases in Upscale Communities Increase in Bad Economy,” by Carrie Porter, March 2012